Everyone is a first time registrant, please follow these directions to ascertain your login and password. Usernames and passwords are Case Sensitive

Your Login is your First and Last name. However, there are no punctuations, hyphens, apostrophes spaces or multiple names. To ascertain your “first name” it is the first name on your payroll. Hyphenated names are one word without the hyphen. If there is a space between your name that is two words and only the first one is in your login. Any apostrophe is removed.

Your “last name” is the last name on your payroll. If your name is hyphenated or has a space between the names, it is the name AFTER the hyphen or space. (unless it is less than three letters and a space, von, del, dos, san OR St., St, Saint, Santa)  Any punctuation and suffixes are removed including apostrophes, hyphens, commas, periods, etc.
For example : Jo-Ann Harkin Blake is JoannBlake (Case sensitive)
Whereas :  Jo Ann Harkin-Blake would be JoBlake
Example: Sue Ann St. Croix is SueStCroix
Whereas: Sue-Ann Von Auster is SueAnnVonAuster

Your first time password is your last name exactly as it is written on your payroll, including both if you have two last names. This includes all spaces, hyphens, punctuation and suffixes.

Please email Tim Palmer with any login issues –

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